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US History Civil War and Reconstruction (1861 - 1877)

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This topic explores the Reconstruction period in the South following the Civil War.

Presidential and Congressional Reconstruction Plans

Article Reconstruction Era Timeline (UXL)
Article Presidential Reconstruction (HA)
Article Presidential Reconstruction Activity (HA)
Article Black Codes
Article Congressional Reconstruction (HA)
Article Congressional Reconstruction Activity (HA)
Article Southern Reconstruction (HA)
Article Southern Reconstruction Activity (HA)
Article The End of Reconstruction (HA)
Article The End of Reconstruction Activity (HA)
Media The End of Reconstruction (map)
Media Reign of Terror (08:07min) (view prior to showing)
Article Reconstruction Reversed (HA)
Article Reconstruction Reversed Activity (HA)
Article Responding to Segregation (HA)
Article Responding to Segregation Activity (HA)
Article Reconstruction Summary (HA)
Article Reading Further: The Long Road to Equal Rights & Activity (HA)
Media To What Extent Did Reconstruciton Lead African Americans Closer to Full Citizenship? Powerpoint (HA) (log in to US Through Industrialism to view)
Website Reconstruction: Moderate vs. Radical Plans (I&C)
Media Reconstruction: Mending the Family Kettle (political cartoon)
Article Lincolns Plan of Reconstruction (1863)
Article 1865 Triumph, Tragedy, and Reconstruction
Article Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln
Article 1865-1877: Reconstruction (UXL)
Article The President's Plan for Reconstruction (UXL)
Article Andrew Johnson Begins Presidential Reconstruction (HAA)
Article Congress Takes Control of Reconstruciton (HAA)
Article Living Under Congressional Reconstruction (HAA)
Article Reversing Construction (HAA)
Media Reversing Reconstruction Activity (HAA)
Media Reconstruction Summary and Activity (HAA)
Article The Radical Republicans Clash with the President (UXL)
Article Johnson Impeachment (I&C)
Media Reconstruction: The "Strong" Government 1869-1877 — The "Weak" Government 1877-1881 (political cartoon)
Media Reconstruction: The Second Civil War: Plantations in Ruins / American Experience
Article The Reconstruction Governments
Article The Reconstruction Governments (UXL)
Article Moderates and Radicals: Politics of Reconstruction
Article Occupation of the South
Media Reconstruction: The Second Civil War: Civil Rights / American Experience
Media Battle for Black Suffrage (07:36min)
Media Reconstruction: The Second Civil War
Article Reconstruction South
Article Readmission of Former Confederate States
Article Epilogue to War
Article Results of the War (World Book)
Article The Mixed Legacy of the Reconstruction Era (UXL)
Media Reconstruction of the US (whole video) (28:45min)
Media Reconstruction Under Abraham Lincoln (05:18min)
Media Reconstruction Under Andrew Johnson (03:49min)
Media Conflicting Ideas About Reconstruction (04:07min)
Media Radical Reconstruction (04:41min)
Media Post Reconstruction Race Relations in the South (04:18min)
Media Deteriorating Conditions for Southern Blacks (06:31min)
Media Reconstruction and 1876: Crash Course US History #22 (13:01min) (view prior to showing)